Building your dream home at Aspen Glen in Garfield County can be a very easy and stress-free process. With over 485 lots carved from our 938 acres of land, your options are wide open. Lots range from ¼ acre to a full acre of land. Many home settings have spectacular views of Mt. Sopris, the Roaring Fork River and the picturesque mountain ridges covered with spruce trees and pinyon pines. For more specifics about building in Aspen Glen, click here: HOA Resource Center




Although Aspen and Aspen Glen are only 40 minutes apart, it can cost nearly twice as much to live in Aspen. Everything from housing to groceries is higher. Furthermore, to build a comparable home in Aspen not only costs significantly more than Aspen Glen, there is the time-consuming red tape with Pitkin County and the very expensive building permits. The median cost of existing homes in Aspen can be five to ten times higher when compared to homes in Aspen Glen.

If you choose to build your dream house in Aspen Glen, you’ll have access to world-class architects and building contractors to help you create a home that is just right for you. The building process starts with an architectural plan review and building permits that are streamlined in Garfield County compared to what one might experience in major cities or Aspen’s Pitkin County. Aspen Glen’s Design Review Committee works closely with your architect and contractor through all phases to ensure that your home conforms to the building standards that have kept the quality look of homes consistent over the years. From excavation to the final inspection and approval, every step of building your dream home in Aspen Glen is simple, efficient and smooth.

The Roaring Fork River Valley is home to an abundance of exceptional architects, landscape designers, quality-oriented contractors, as well as award-winning interior designers, stonemasons, cabinet and furniture makers, plumbing and appliance resources and virtually any supplier or trade needed to create a well-built home that will be your pride and joy for years to come.


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